Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time for a Nap

In the middle of launching a business and throwing what was going to be a spectacular no-holds-barred 50th birthday party for my beloved but will now probably amount to a casual soiree that ends with a bonfire, my best friend developed pneumonia and I temporarily acquired a 3-year-old.  A lung filled with fluid and a husband with a high-demand work life seemed like a good reason to take me up on my offer to play Auntie for a couple days.

So, in the midst of baking bread, collecting eggs, putting out and taking in sandwich board signs, all the while trying to grow the mental bandwidth to do something, anything!, clever for this milestone coming up - not to mention checking on mamas and babies in the field, moving fencing around and let's not forget the start of Little League season - I find myself once again watching the clock for the noon hour, digging through the pantry for cereal bars, and trying to be home by 8PM.  How quickly we forget the 3-year-old clock.

And though it's been challenging, incorporating my charge into this particular time in our lives, this young man brings an extra serving of joy into my life.  He's an exceptionally bright and serious young man, but his laugh is quick and very contagious.  His curiosity keeps us all on our toes, and he brings out the very best in my own son.

Last, but far from least, as we shelve whatever important task we're elbow-deep in come the noonish hour, nibble a healthy snack, and then sink down under the comforter for a pre-nap story, I take a breath and remind myself not to rush through the pages.  We giggle together at the funny fishes and the scribbles I made when I held this self-same book and stolen crayons nearly 40 years ago.  At last, the lyrical poetry of Dr. Suess hangs in the air when I've read the final word, and we take a moment to look at each other before I heave myself up and bring the door "just there Auntie Deirdre."

Why do we ever stop taking naps?

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