Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hello and Goodbye

I wasn't going to write this until the deed was done, but I'm not sure I'll be able to then.

Early on Easter Sunday (ironic, I realize) we are doing in our foundation ram.  

I thought this would be easier, mostly b/c he's been such a jerk the past year.  He's charged and hurt me and several friends, he's made going into the pasture just sheer hell, and he's all around made an ass of himself.


He was a sweet baby when he came to us and he's fathered many wonderful babies.  We owe him a lot - but I think we're even, given he's lived an amazing life wherein he trotted about wherever he cared to and mated when the spirit moved him 6 months out of the year.  If you're over 40 and know anyone like that, I dare you to tell me.

But, we're doing him in and I'm surprised at how tumultous I feel.  Ugh!  He has been one fine ram, and I'm sorry, really, that his time has come.  I will, indeed, enjoy the sausage, but, I can say honestly, I wish he could have stuck around a while longer.

Thanks Frosty.  3 seasons of offspring.  You done good.  I'm sorry it's your time, but you've stuck around longer than most.  Our promise is to give you an ending that is as good as your being. We appreciate you for all you've been and done.

Thank you.

deirdre, mark, dylan, and the ladies

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Shea's Mom said...

Ram-bo - Good bye and good luck!