Saturday, April 11, 2009

Taking it to the next level

Well, folks, here it is.  Our very own farm stand.  Designed by me (actually, plagiarized by me), built by my loving partner in crime, and soon to be populated with eggs, oils, breads and other delectables.  Ideas from Nana and Dylan add zest and fun.  They are both excellent at providing whimsey. 

While Mark sank 4X4 posts for our expanded food production garden and hen run, I got product ready for tomorrow's big "grand opening."  Spicy cheddar bread and Herbes de Provence bread, infused oils aged the past 3 months, and our colorful delicious eggs will be the stand's debut offerings on Easter Sunday.  I'll take more photos in the AM when I've got it staged and ready for the morning's first walkers and post them tomorrow evening with a report on the first day. 

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