Saturday, April 18, 2009

Breaking News: SSF to be on Chicken Coop Tour

Come one, come all to the great Chicken Coop Tour, Mother's Day Weekend! 

An island community builder, whose fingers are in many a worthwhile pie, is organizing a fundraiser to benefit our often invisible homeless population.  It's worth doing, because these folks really do fly under the radar on this rural, otherwise close-knit rock.  

Frustrated by the local pet adoption organization's routine ability to gather the big bucks, while our 2-legged friends go ignored, she's come up with a novel fundraiser of her own.  A self-guided, 2-day tour of the island's chickens and their roosts.  I imagine the digs will span the spectrum from palace to milk crates and what could be more fun?  

The Chicken Coop Tour builds on the success of other self-guided journeys - the venerable Garden Tour each June (guaranteed to both inspire and demoralize), the Lavender Tour each July (complete with lavender lemonade and cooking demonstrations), and the Sustainable Farm Tour sponsored by King County each October.  

Of course, SSF will need to pull the farm equivalent of an all-nighter to get spruced up enough for such scrutiny - but we'll get it handled.  And what better way to show off our proud Gentleman Rooster and his Lovely Girls?

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