Thursday, September 16, 2010

How does time fly by so so so fast?? No sooner do I commit to making sure I post 2 times a week than 3 weeks zip by. Argh!

So, here we are, deep into an early fall. Summer skipped us this year, I'm afraid, and the mood around the island is dark indeed. Folks here suffer through 9 months of rain, showers, drizzle, mist and every other variety of wet so they can pull out their shorts and flip flops in July and not unearth their wellies til October.

Not this year. 2010 brought a spring and summer so erratic in temperature and wet stuff just about everyone's garden flopped. And, since a lot of island folks move out here at least partially to indulge their love of I said, there is a general air of grump about.

However! Those of us lucky enough sport a greenhouse among our possessions are somewhat buffered from the wrath of Mother Nature and feeling mighty grateful right about now. As food gardeners (including myself) rip out the bolted and rotting remnants of broccoli and peas from their soggy beds, tomatoes, peppers, and basil keep coming on in the sanctuary of hooped plastic over at our place.

And salad greens are just beginning!

I think I have found the antidote to the Northwest's ubiquitous Seasonal Affective Disorder. Lots of green inside a bubble of gray.