Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spartanific adventure begins

Behold the newest member of the SSF family, just 48 hours, hopefully, from landing on our little island.  A 1953 Spartan Spartanette Imperial.

Spartan travel trailers were manufactured by oil tycoon J. Paul Getty's Spartan Aircraft Company after World War II.  Having succeeded in developing a line of luxury personal aircraft for oil company executives, Getty turned his attention to the road, figuring the need for post-war housing would create a ready and lucrative market for fully-equipped trailer homes. 

Spartan produced several lines, constructed of aircraft quality materials and design, and topping out around $6000 and, eventually, 50 feet!  Because they were so expensive, they were manufactured for just over a decade and only a handful exist today.

Our gutted Spartanette Imperial measures 39 feet, 10 inches from nose to tail, and possesses virtually no pesky and annoying insides.  She is a blank slate, ready for her next reincarnation as guest room, music studio, intern quarters....?  You can be sure SSF will keep you updated with photos as the project evolves.

For fascinating history and other info on these beauties, check out this Spartan enthusiast's website.

Now to name her.  Ideas?


Anonymous said...

I love her. And am extremely jealous. Now you must head to Movie Magic and rent "the Long Trailer" with Lucy & Desi. It will crack you all up. Congratulations on your newest project.


Shea's Mom said...

Bessie. Definitely Bessie.