Monday, August 24, 2009

Fall is in the air

It was dark when I emerged from my 2nd viewing of Julie & Julia tonight (too good to wait to share it w/Mark - had to go back with him in tow.  Wait, is blogging about Julie & Julia just too ironic?).  9:30 seems a respectable time for darkness, but oh such a world away from just a month ago!

Dry leaves swirled up in my headlights and crunched under my tires as I cut through the darkness on my way home.

I harvested about 20 lbs of potatoes today and maybe 5 lbs of tomatoes.  Even our pumpkins are beginning to look like, well, pumpkins.  

It's been a great summer, but it's still only August!  Still, the chill in the night air is unmistakable - we have hot days ahead, no doubt, but fall is on its way...

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