Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Official! SSF home to Vashon's tastiest toms

Is that a thing of beauty or what???

Well, I thought so - and pictures may be worth a 1000 words, but they still can't convey the unbelievable succulence that is the mighty Sungold.  These tomatoes, apparently taking to our hot site and crowded jungle-like conditions with a vengeance, amaze me every morning I go out to harvest.  Our plants are nearly 7 feet high and sprouting new tomato candy every time I turn around.  I decided they had to be at least among the best on the island - how could anything taste any better than this?

So, this morning, we carted 2 lbs of tomato gold up to the Great Vashon Tomato Taste Off - and won!

You're looking at the Best Cherry Tomato on the island.  YUM!

(and, yes, we still have some on the vine, so come on by!)

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Anonymous said...

C'mon, don't be shy- post a photo of that great bronze tomato trophy. I bet Dylan hasn't come off the ground yet. Congratulations SSF!