Sunday, May 17, 2009

Victory in the Garden - First home-grown meal 09

Anyone who's followed this blog even casually has probably picked up on our gardening failures - specifically our astonishing ineptitude in growing food.  But, knock on the proverbial fence post, I think we've finally turned a corner.  

Last week I giddily snipped tender leaves from spinach, kale, and chard plants I actually grew from seeds, sown under the warmth of a cloche back in March.  Nothing ever tasted so good.  Except maybe the salad of those same, plus baby lettuces, I tossed with some olive oil, balsamic, and shaved parmesan for lunch yesterday.  Equally delicious and oh so very, very satisfying.

Got a porch or some front steps?  A window that could use a little greenery to dress it up?  You can grow your own stir-fries and salads too.  It's not too late (for those in the northern hemisphere, of course) - grab some healthy starts at your local farmers market, a bag of compost at the hardware store, and you'll be drizzling dressing over homegrown greens in a couple weeks.  What could be better?

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