Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SSF Garden - No Stopping Us Now

Well, I thought we were done planting out the garden for this year, but now that we've got a little momentum, it seems we just can't stop.  With the gate and the fence, a grassy area that is shady and cool in the heat of the day, and produce that is bursting out all over, it's such a wonderful place to hang out that new ideas insist on presenting themselves.

Last week, I heard myself say yes to a flat of squash starts my neighbor generously offered, only to muse "where on earth will I put them - I know what happens with squash!"  So, clearly we needed a new bed for squash.

Then we had an impromptu picnic on the shady grass and I thought, why aren't there fruit trees here?  Is it too late to put them in this year?  And yesterday afternoon I stood back, very satisfied, to admire the 4 new dwarf and semi-dwarf beauties I'd just lovingly submerged into rich, wormy soil.

So, from virtually nothing to a real, live garden.  Between eating from the freezer the beef and lamb we've stored there and munching young tender greens, our grocery bill is already feeling significantly lighter.

Here's an inventory of what - barring any natural or self-made tragedy - our garden grows:

We're already eating:
2 kinds of lettuce
swiss chard

Coming soon:
sugar snap peas

And, for summer:
Tomatoes for salads and sauces
orange peppers
3 kinds of potatoes
3 kinds of summer squash

To plant this week:
pumpkins for pie and carving

To bear next year:
2 kinds of apples
eating cherries
bartlett pears
blueberries from tiny twigs we planted last fall


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