Friday, April 22, 2011

Snax with friends

What is it about a sunny day and the end of the week that just screams "share this moment with friends!"? Dunno.

But we did, and we're glad. Today was a triple, maybe quadruple wammy, with Earth Day, Good Friday, the first truly brilliantly sunny day we can remember, and of course, the surprise appearance of our newest addition. (Mama and young one doing great so far, by the way)


So how to improve on perfection? Make sure you spread the day far and wide across those you know and love. Luckily, our pals Judith and Terry were game to nibble our weekly pedestrian Friday Pizza and Movie night fare of clumsy sort of homemade pizza and admittedly yummy Cioppino concocted last night - so no one went hungry and all got to bask in the warmth of a true spring day while our boys attempted to stump the grown-ups on riddles (easily accomplished) and outdo each other on the silliness scale (no comment).

But, most of all we shared stories of the day, the week, and the times. And celebrated our friendship with a little wine and a fair amount of mediocre but at least honest and handmade food.

The perfect ending to the perfect day. I thank the universe for friends that are willing to drop by and settle in when the moment calls.

You're the best.

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