Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Later that same day...

'Nuf said.

Jasmine tries on her first hail and gives her verdict....

Ah, Spring. We know you're out there.

On the bright side, although no photographic evidence documents the occasion, there was actually a bright burst of warm sunshine during which my pals Shelley and Judith came over and together the three of us and Tiffany busted out an hour or two of solid greenhouse work, making tomato seedlings happy, and planted out the rest of my cool weather greens - not to mention (which I must) - Judith's usual cool as a cucumber / steady as she goes clean up job. Before I know it, I look up from my spindly mustard starts to find all is organized and happy in my entropy-prone veggie patch.

Thanks gal pals! Next Hail Day it's my turn to be garden helper!

And now it's 7PM and the 3rd hail storm of the day is bringing us its April joy.

Ah, Spring.

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