Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obsessing on bread

At the risk of being labeled maniacal in this regard, I just have to revisit the bread conversation.

Here's the deal: Truly great bread is the foundation of many wonderful things (not to mention, civilizations). Yummy snax, excellent accompaniment to salad, soup, or even pasta. Truly wonderful bread - the kind you buy at the bakery or the specialty grocer, with a floury crusty crust and a deep earthy smell, this bread means something to you. In general, it means between $5 and $7 to you.

So, to finally - after literally nearly 20 years of trial and error - find a method to make this kind of bread, daily, in our home is nothing short of miraculous. And it takes almost no effort, no time. We've been doing this for about a month now and we still get excited each loaf! We can't help ourselves - "look! how beautiful is that?!" is our general reaction. We've made the basic loaf, the European peasant loaf, the Olive Oil loaf, and none have been short of spectacular.

And, it makes amazing pizza dough - a huge discovery for our family. I like to pile all sorts and sundry healthy veggies on a foundation of thin crust and call it "pizza" b/c I know anyone is more likely to enjoy it that way. We had Kale, bacon, and green onion pizza the other night and it was amazing. (recipe will follow tomorrow, along with others)

Like most things home or farm-based, it makes me wonder why it isn't more widespread. Wow, this is so easy and the results are so fabulous, why isn't just about everyone just making their own bread? Why isn't "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" at the top of the NYT bestseller list?

Coming together over homemade anything is a good thing. Making bread together can only join your family. Have fun.

Bon Appetit-


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Shea's Mom said...

Oh I am there with you, sister. But, how about gluten-free bread? I know, oxymoron, unfortunately.

I miss it, bad. Something about eating something right in front of Shea and him asking for it and me saying no. Bummer.

Also, that is one sexy loaf shot. Keep it up.