Thursday, January 29, 2009

Look What I Found!

My countertops! I knew they were in there, because I intentionally spec'd them during construction, but they have rarely revealed much of themselves since. Just three and a quarter years after moving in, I have purged and organized enough to uncover actual kitchen real estate.

It is depressing how long everything takes when you start from scratch. There's the inevitable inertia of being overwhelmed by the long list, but even when it feels like I'm in action a good deal of the time, progress is measured in inches. Like, inches of countertop in my kitchen.

It's not yet spring, but the yearly sweep is already beginning. Time to rid ourselves and our life of stuff. Stuff we don't use, stuff we don't need, stuff that sits around and makes our small house that much smaller. I live with two guys who have a particularly difficult time parting with things they "may need later," so it can be an uphill battle.

So, I celebrate any and all progress.  Even countertops.

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