Monday, February 2, 2009

The Accidental Rooster, Part 2

Uh, oh. One of our hens started crowing the other day.

We'd begun having suspicions when this particular "hen" grew more colorful and stunningly beautiful with each passing day. As we all know from basic biology, the more spectacular the bird, the more likely it is to be of the male variety. One need only recall the peahen as compared to her more vibrant male counterpart to envision the perfect example of this natural phenomenon.

Sigh. It is early days yet and the captain could turn out still to be that rare gentle rooster that struts about and gets along just fine with fowl and sapien alike...but I'm not holding my breath. Our last accidental rooster started out a wee fuzzy chick too, only to morph into a terrorizing demon by the time he was half a year old. We tried to make it work, we gave him chance after chance. But, in the end, after I lost one of the girls to his brutality, we called in the Chicken Assassin and peace reigned once more across the land. That's how it is in Layer Land - GRLZ Rule and roosters are expendable.

I wish it were different - I will hold out a little hope that it turns out that way, because I'd much rather create hens the old-fashioned way than ordering them from Iowa.

UPDATE:  I started this post over the weekend and shelved it to pen my depressing mid-life crisis post which I am sure started the week out for you all on an especially inspiring note.  I went out to get a photo of the big guy earlier today and, well, as you can see, he's found his calling.  I swear I did not plan this photo - I was zeroing in on him, completely unaware that he was zeroing in on her.  And, yes, like most barnyard activities, the reality bears little resemblance to what folks might imagine "chicken love" to look like.


Shea's Mom said...

I thought "chicken love" had something to do with a BBQ and really good marinade. Especially for that rotten rooster!

Just kidding, I think...maybe.

deirdre said...

I'm with you. I think it's instructive for us to see how much fun chicken sex is for the gals. It's best quality is that it only lasts about 5 seconds.