Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

As weekends go, this past one was just about perfect. On Sunday, after Nana and I enjoyed quite the brunch prepared by Mark and Dylan, we took a little digestion break, and then my boys and I plus a pal went for a
classic Vashon hike.

Completed only recently, the Fern Cove hike takes you from Vashon Winery through ancient farmland, a deep forested canyon, and a gurgling creekside before depositing you onto a vast and rocky cove that faces the Olympic Peninsula.

Fern Cove and the creek that feeds it - the gurgling creek you walk next to, the creek that formed that shockingly deep canyon - turns out to be an important salmon spawning spot. So, a lot of effort has gone into buying up the watershed, protecting the water, and building a trail that helps people appreciate salmon and the world they live in.

The boys found thousands of eggs tucked into little eddies.

More of this please!

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