Friday, October 8, 2010

Help has arrived!

Sometimes, it turns out, if you just keep asking the universe, you find your pleas answered.

Meet Tiffany, the farm hand who fell from the sky in her Amazing Biodiesel Eco-bus House squarely onto Stop Sign Farm. She, her bus, her 2 cats, and her super good energy arrived a week ago today.

I have been yearning, wishing, fretting about an extra pair of hands around here, for the mundane and the colossal,
but was thwarted by lack of housing for any intern. Tiffany has been stressed to the breaking point in the crush and noise of the city, yearning for some breathing space and a nice big spot to park her house.

We found each other, we met, and a beautiful friendship is beginning. Her radio producing skills are of interest to Mark; the love for children she brings to her day-job - nannying - makes her an instant friend to Dylan. I suspect she will make herself indispensable in no time flat.

My advice: Keep asking - maybe a Tiffany (or a Stop Sign Farm) is just around the corner.

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Anonymous said...

Is your mother the daughter of Cara Williams and William R. McFadden? It's important that I find Marjorie McFadden, daughter of the aforementioned parents.