Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Travelogue, summer 2010

It's tough, really, to convey what it takes to leave even a silly little farm like ours for a week. Lots of planning, good fortune, and the gift of a nana on board and good local people who know one end of a tomato plant and/or ewe from another. Priceless.

Here's to Nana and Camille, with
out whom our 1 week vacation to paradise would not have been possible in any way. Thank you for giving us the break from our daily chores, our rock, our life we dearly needed. We are restored! For now...

Photos and captions herein... More on Ashland a
nd the need to get out of the rain later....

View from our hostel room, evening...

Dylan catches me feeling satisfied after a long climb to Garfield Peak, on the rim of Crater Lake.

According to a talk Dylan caught as we were heading back to the car, Crayola has spent 60 years trying to develop Crater Lake Blue...unsuccessfully.

The countryside surrounding Ashland is more Northern CA than Oregon.

Mark checks in with work from the front porch.

Dylan's newly-invented sushi napkin fold, developed at Kobe Sushi Bar our last night.

Our lasting take-away - Dylan's new rock collection, the result of hours in Ashland's fine mineral shops....

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