Sunday, September 6, 2009

Own a Vashon Dreamboat!

Heck - own 12!  Yes, for the single price of just $20, you get 12 stylishly nude Vashon dads - all commuters - set amidst articles of their own personal interest and against the backdrop of bucolic Vashon in summer.  Shot by a spectacular photographer!  Such a deal.

A lot has been written about the newly-launched Vashon Dreamboats calendar, but I have just have to pipe in with a couple observations:

First, I absolutely have to applaud the courage and sense of whimsey these guys mustered to do this, not to mention the tenacity and aplomb of the 3 gals who made it happen - especially in the face of some disappointingly predictable small-town prudishness.  (Although, as I read the comments attached to the Tacoma News Tribune article, I see that small towns do not hold the copyright on prudishness.)

Second, I can't remember when something this fun and silly - and then well done to boot - last happened 'round here.  We have a tendency to take ourselves a wee bit serious here on this island.  We have also been known on occasion to talk virtually any interesting idea right into the grave.  I'm thrilled this actually came to pass.

Third, we need the money.  Our small school district was disproportionately hit in the budget-cutting process, finding itself with a funding gap equal to many districts several times larger.  We are in a painful position.

Finally, and this gets a little lost in the fun and games of this great project - as inventive and creative as Dreamboats is...why do we have to get this inventive and creative to keep teachers in the classroom and supplies on the shelf?  Where are our priorities?  As my GGF Shelley says on her blog, I sure wish our legislators would demonstrate half the courage as our own island dads and make sure our kids get the education they deserve.

Thanks to all the amazing folks behind and in front of the camera for caring and sharing and baring!  Stop Sign Farm was proud to be a sponsor.  Order your Dreamboat from Amazon today!


Kris said...

Thanks Deidre! Love your writing style. I'll be sure to return back to your blog in the future :)

Shea's Mom said...

Great post, pal!

You are so right. Prudishness has no zip code.


Samantha Betts said...

Love love love the calendar idea. Despite the prudes that will probably purchase it in secret, I think the cleverness will win out.

By the way, I have an award waiting for you over at my blog - If you get a chance, stop on by!