Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Northwest Heat Wave

Here in the Puget Sound region, we are admittedly weather wimps.  We are truly pathetic when it comes to, well, really any temperature outside the 65' - 75' range.  We whine about how much it rains, but the minute it stops, our brows furrow.  

Hey, my flowers are all wilty!
This water bill is outrageous! 
My husband is cranky!

So, imagine the general malaise 'round our warmer-than-anywhere-on-the-island farm these past few - nearly record-breaking - days.  

Actually, we're managing better than could be expected, save, probably for me.  So, I am retreating into silence as much as possible to spare everyone else my ire.

Wherever you are these dog days of summer, I hope you are soaking it in and enjoying every minute.

The gauge on my porch says 98'!  


Anonymous said...

We will be hosting any one that needs relief at our house. Quite cool and lovely here. The shade is a true blessing for once.


deirdre said...

Thanks Jan!