Thursday, June 4, 2009

Small miracles in my backyard

After Dylan and his friend had exhausted most every kind of self-sufficient entertainment strategy while the parents sheared sheep, Dylan got one of his ideas..  M, Mark, and I toiled on the last few lambs, came inside to shower and change, and sat down on the front porch for cool beverage – as the boys quietly crept up and down the stairs to the unfinished attic above Nana’s place. 

Just as M packed up the overnight gear, the boys presented us with the great unveiling:  They’d spirited down a piece of plywood and two small chairs and fastened them into a desk.  Then a folding chair, a desktop hutch, a desk lamp, a floor lamp, and a tablecloth to complete the desk.  An African spear for decoration.  Writing paper and a pen.

For me.

I’m a good person, but it’s hard not to believe in karma.  I had to have done something pretty great somewhere back there.

Thanks, Dylan.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you've done pretty darn great right here and now, like raising a great kid. Good work Dylan & D (Mark can share in the praise too).