Monday, December 22, 2008

It works!

A giant shout out to my pal Jennifer!  She loves to cook and learn about food as much as I do and gave me the revolutionary new book "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day," by Hertzberg and Francois.

If you love artisan breads like I do, hate paying $6 a loaf, like me, and have yet to produce a decent loaf via machine, as is my history, this book is for YOU.  I bake bread fairly regularly - I actually enjoy it - but I don't always feel up to the physicality of beating the crap out of my food before allowing it to "rest."  

These two authors, one a scientist the other a chef, both long-time artisan bread freaks, have conducted a zillion experiments to arrive at a specific way you can make up a big batch of dough - with no kneading involved - and keep it in the fridge to use over 2 weeks.  

The down side?  I've made 3 loaves since last night....

Oh, well.  Please pass the butter!

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Shea's Mom said...

Hey it worked! And how!