Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Progress Happens

Just a quick post to emphasize that building anything from scratch is tough and often demoralizing.  It's easy to forget where you came from and tough to recall how far you've traveled.  A couple of photos that help remind me that we've only been here 3 years and it's only been about 2 and change since we began "working the land."  Nothing comes overnight - at least, not without a big bag of cash.

If I can get these photos to load, the first is of our "yard" right after we moved in.  Everything within 100 feet of the houses was a giant mudpit.  We were scavenging rocks to build a rockwall; we'd paid some island con artists a ridiculous amount of money for some dirt with which to build this little front yard, and it all felt pretty overwhelming.  The second photo depicts the front yard this past summer, just over 2 years later.  

So, yeah, progress happens.  Keep the faith.  Those baby plants and dwarf-like trees do indeed grow - faster than you might anticipate.  Just get good advice and make maps.  


ESM said...

You hit it, sister. I remember the mud pit...I think I still have some of it on my boots, in fact.

What you all have done over the last three years is nothing short of amazing. The mud has been transformed into a lovely front yard and baseball field for your nephew Connor Pi. :-)

Love you,


tonyloucam said...

Hi guys it is 18/11 and i have just had a chance to read your blogs. The sheep stories are heartbreaking, but i am proud of you for taking the responsibilty of proper animal care. It is something not many so called animal lovers could do-fair enough too but it is a fact of life on the land and to let an animal suffer to ease your burden is horrible. I had to kill a few pigeons when they were really sick but i imagine sheep you have reared from birth would be much more emotionally draining. BTW the house and garden look great.
We are holding on for grim life here, we look like getting an aircraft equipment contract which will save us from certain desperate times so heres hoping!!!
love to all