Tuesday, June 10, 2008

16 years and counting

Today is our 16th wedding anniversary. Wow. A while back, we’d had fanciful ideas about going out to dinner – maybe, even…Off Island. But, the calendar declared a baseball game, so we spent most of the evening huddled under three layers of warmth, chuckling about “June” and praying our kid would get a hit.

I’d felt kind of crummy this AM, so after piano lesson and dropping Dylan off at school, I declined my usual buddy walk and came home to simple household duties and computer time. Moved the sheep, then boiled up several frozen roast chicken carcasses and made stock, then turned that stock into Green Chile Chicken soup. So, we had something warm, nourishing, and spicy to come home to at least. Good for what ails you.

Jessie cornered a raccoon under our porch around bedtime and we chased him off communally. They are the bane of our farm existence. Stalking our hens, upending our garbage, scavenging our porches. It’s aggravating. They’re next to fearless and absolutely dedicated. They’ve picked off one of our hens this week – we’re down to 13 and this only the 4th we’ve lost to raccoons in over 2 years – so I’m back to considering mini firearms (AKA pellet guns) as a means of discouraging them. sigh. I HATE THEM.

Anyway, as I told Mark tonight, we have many examples among people we care deeply about of marriages in crisis – we’ve watched one very close to us disintegrate and several of our friends are deeply unhappy in their relationships. Honestly, I think that’s just par for the course of being in your 40s and 50s. But, such a state of affairs (so to speak!) has the effect of reminding me to be deeply, deeply grateful for each other and the life we’ve worked together to build. It’s not perfect – not even close – and there are of course things we should be better at working on, but we dearly love each other and appreciate each other and have the wisdom to weigh our anger over any given issue against its cost. Key. Really key.

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